2012. október 3., szerda

“Hi Richard,

I'm responsible for picking logo from Google image search (...) I'm meeting board members tomorrow
and I could talk with them about your offer, if your piece of graphic is on sale or if you want credits
mentioned on our page.

We don't have any official logo since 19 years of arranging lectures in Finland. But maybe they find
logo so good and fitting, that they are interested to purchage it. (...)

Thanks for understanding and sorry for any possible resentment caused”

3 megjegyzés:

  1. Háháhá! Gratulálok! Van igazság a földön!

  2. még semmi sem biztos, de köszönöm! neked meg kitartást és jó szerencsét!

  3. Ó köszönöm! Akkor te is tudsz róla! :)


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